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Benchmark Wealth Management is a project one fold above the rest. Their system is already top-notch, they have initiated the build and the website is 50% done. But the other 50% involves a deeper knowledge of their system and fully utilizing its resources and maximizing the design aspect. A brand presence they can be proud of for the next 3-5 years.

Our challenge would be to reaching that maximum design capability while keeping intact the original makings of the brand. Would be to design something modern and new but still keep the essence of what made it Benchmark Wealth Management in the first place.
Design & Layout
Written Content & Media
Brand Strategy
  • Heading & Sitemap
  • Call to actions
  • Popup
  • Branding

Website Header

Main menu, Improved Sitemap and CTA

One thing that needed improvement right away is the 
The top part area of a website is a premium real estate in the website world. Having whitespace in this area is unwise.

Call to Actions

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Pop Up

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Sales Sheet

2 Pager Multi Purpose Marketing PDF

Our Solution

Website Technical Aspect is already a check. But our solution involves more than just that. We know that a website's success is closely tied to  User Experience or UX. How users can easily navigate from pages to pages without losing their tracks. How they can readily find the Call To Actions necessary to initiate and engage. How minimal content and more visual graphs and suitable media images speaks volumes compare to unpruned and overwhelming paragraphs.