CRM Implementation

Implementing A CRM
Doesn’t Have To Be This Painful.

It happens all the time – business owner falls in love with a CRM based on a website or sales rep’s description, tries to implement it into their workplace and before long, gets incredibly frustrated by the very same CRM in no time. 

Why does this keep happening?

It could be the CRM itself. But it could also be influenced by how you’re using it – or not using it – to its full potential.

Fast forward to a point in time where someone schedules a meeting with you and, instead of manually entering their information, your CRM pulls all important data in for you and provides you with a look at all the social media networks they’re active on. That same person is then added to a list of contacts who have met with you, which paves the way for your email marketing to be more effective and open rates to be higher. Welcome to true integration at its finest.

Pipe Dream? No.
A Reality For Any Client That Needs It.

Bumper Lanes can take a deeper look at what you really need from a CRM and then understand which one is the very best fit for your goals. If the most ideal match for what you need is already right in front of you, we’ll tell you that. If there’s a better option, we’ll tell you that too. Then, once the ideal match in CRM is identified, we’ll take care of setting up the CRM and getting it installed so it becomes a part of your daily existence at work.

No matter what size of business you have, you can go a long way toward implementing the kind of CRM that works around you – not the other way around. So talk to Bumper Lanes today about how to get there without adding more work and even removing work from your plate.