Marketing and Sales
Cycle Audit

"Our Marketing And Sales Cycle Runs Beautifully"
- Said By Almost No Businesses Ever

There are three key ways that people utilize Bumper Lanes to provide a fully augmented marketing department:
Helping you transition to a full-time marketing person in the midst of growth over the next six months to a year
Supporting your overwhelmed team on a part-time basis by taking several things off their plate so that they can get their heads back up above water.
Providing support on a long-term basis to a junior team that can execute but may not have the full capability to perform a deep dive on strategy.
No matter where your biggest holes from a marketing standpoint currently exist, Bumper Lanes can plug its team into your environment and provide as much heavy lifting as you need. From full website development to implementing a stronger sales process.

The Bumper Lanes Marketing and Sales Cycle Audit is the true beginning to building a plan around your biggest priorities. In just two days’ time onsite, we’ll be able to not only assess the state of your team, customer relationships and even competitive landscape but also convert reports and overall plans into real, actionable next steps you can take sooner than expected.
You’re not the first company to realize its marketing and sales cycle is a bit broken. But congratulations on being one of the few to actually do something about it so you can head in the right direction from here.

Talk to Bumper Lanes about how you can benefit from a Marketing and Sales Cycle Audit today.