Post-acquisition Services

Rebuild. Restructure. Results.

Congratulations on your new company. Time to get back working on your company, your brand, now that the many meetings with the attorneys, accountants, HR are returning to a more normal pace.

Your strong company presence was what got you here, and now are a stronger and better version of yourself there are a lot of next steps.

A strategic approach

Now is a crucial period to establish your company culture, best practices, and successes. Doing it right at an early stage ensures you maximize your efforts on the bigger picture and your long term goals while preventing
Which name do you keep? Which has better market penetration? Do you merge the names? New name? Make a sub-brand?

There are many ways to handle a company’s name post-merger and acquisition. We work with you to understand name and brand value, and put together a transition plan to optimize the brand all parties have grown.
Maybe you are keeping the name, but everything else is changing. Now is the time to refresh and update to reflect the new culture and highlight the benefits of the company. Your logo and name touch over 100 points of your business from business cards to invoices to social media accounts. We worry about new branding is updated
and professional.
Team Integration
Company culture merger and building automation between teams.
Customer Segmentation
With new customers and markets. We need to redefine and optimize who the clients are.

The Struggles of transition

Even with the best planning and intentions there are always blips post merger and acquisition. Integration is hard from culture to technology to customer and employee engagement there are many areas to consider once the deal is signed.

Avoid the brain drain - Listen and understand your top employees needs.

There is no such thing as over communication with employees, clients, or partners Integration can be slow (and costly). A clear strategy and effective prioritization is needed.

Poor sales assumption of the team’s ability post-sale can drastically change the successful outcome of a merger

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