Sales Process

"Our Website Doesn’t Get Us Enough Leads."
Maybe It’s Not Just Your Website.

It’s convenient to look first and foremost at your website for being the ultimate lead generator. And yes, your website may need some serious work if it’s not a clear or pleasant experience for the person visiting it. But we’ve been around long enough to know there’s more to lead generation than hoping your website has all the answers.

That’s why Bumper Lanes takes an entire view of your sales process from start to finish.

Three handoffs? What could go wrong?
Quite a bit, actually.

In a perfect world, the sales process resembles something like the following: 
You get the lead and hand the lead off to sales.
Sales hands the lead off to someone to close it.
When the lead closes, it gets handed off someone else internally.
Bumper Lanes will take a hard look at how well you take care of each step in between and how you help your prospect see that you’re the right partner in each step. It’s a vital part of moving toward a smooth sales conversion.

What happens when they’re at your doorstep?

Believe it or not, many companies are so focused on getting the leads that they don’t know how to properly move them through the sales cycle. So once they’re an actual lead, we’ll evaluate how you’re talking about your products and services in terms of how you help the prospect decide which best suits their needs. We’ll discuss if this stage is best handled by one person and how the rest of the team is integrated into the process.

Along the way, Bumper Lanes will be your essential guide to diagnose and recommend areas for improvement whether you’re cold calling, advertising, acting as a partner in an organization or active in networking groups. It’s not about one tactic, one person or one message. You’ve got a complex sale, after all. Fortunately, we can help you break down that complexity so that you position yourself as the clear choice in a sea of options. 

That’s called developing a sales process that works with you, not against you.